What We Do


Registered with the Ministry of Education, Alpha Institute is operated by the Religious Sisters of Mercy who are committed to helping young men in need of employment and like skills training. 

Our mission is the empowerment and personal transformation of young people through education and skills training. Most of our students reside in inner-city communities where social conditions are very challenging. The training program at Alpha is designed to generate holistic development and career advancement in a variety of relevant employment areas.

Alpha is a private school licensed by the Ministry of Education that follows a special curriculum and academic programme in order to incorporate a category of students who are 15-19 years of age.

In addition to vocational and educational services, the RSM may provide to students who qualify support for

  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • Private tutoring

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The story of Alpha is, in many ways, the story of the Religious Sisters of Mercy in Jamaica. For more information about Alpha and the RSM in Jamaica please visit the links below

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