Student Experience



If you or someone you know is between 15-19 years old and is in need of skills training the Alpha Institute may have a solution..Alpha offers a 2-4 year vocational and general education curriculum to young men in need of employment and life skills a cost of JA$3,500 per term for 3 terms annually. Applications are considered based on need.

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An interview with the student and his parent or guardian is required to complete the process. Please note, the involvement of a parent or guardian is required. Please call 928-1345 if you have questions or would like more information.



Most social services are provided through the Oscar Romero Centre for Youth (ORCY). Staffed by the Religious Sisters of Mercy and a guidance counselor, the ORCY helps to support students and their families as students make the transition into school and then to work.



The Alpha Institute is a member of the Jamaica Independent School Association (JISA). Alpha is proud to recognize its 2016 football team for topping the Kingston & St Andrew Division with a record of 7 wins and 1 tie in its first year of league play.



Second-year students at Alpha who demonstrate sufficient vocational ability and professionalism are encouraged to participate in a 2-week work experience off campus. During Work Experience, students are required to attend work off campus and follow the workplace rules and regulations as if the student is a full time employee. Students are evaluated on their performance by the ’employer’ and the evaluation is put on the student’s file.